Lindsay Lohan Continues 'Liz & Dick', Fends Off Fear About Well-Being

Lindsay Lohan is so desperate to prove to producers that she can be trusted again that she refuses to miss a single day of filming on her latest movie, "Liz & Dick," despite her recent car crash and medical scare.

But Lohan's long hours and stress are making many people worry about the troubled actress.

“Hours after being found [non-responsive] in a Los Angeles hotel room, she was back at work,” a member of Lohan's inner circle tells me. “Of course I’m concerned, but she is strong and needs to show everyone that she is back.”

The 25-year-old was seen on set hours after her publicist confirmed she was exhausted, looking weary as she made her way into her trailer wearing a dark fur coat.

Telling her fans via Twitter that she had worked 85 hours in just four days, Lindsay was not taken to a hospital, but was checked out in her hotel room by paramedics.

“She is a ticking time bomb,” one industry insider tells me. “You know the producers are scared when they call 911 when she doesn’t answer her phone. I’m sure they are asking, what the hell did we get involved in at this point, but they are not exactly making her schedule lighter. This is a tough town. If Lindsay hadn’t been making a movie, who would have called for help? As soon as filming wraps, she will be all alone again.”

Lindsay Lohan

Lindsay Lohan

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