Lindsay Lohan Moving To New York: REPORT

As parts of the United States are dealing with Hurricane Isaac, New York City needs to start preparing for Hurricane Lindsay.

The New York Daily News reports that Lindsay Lohan is leaving her troubled life in Los Angeles and moving back to the City That Never Sleeps. A source revealed to the paper that the native New Yorker is moving to Tribecca along with her assistant Gavin Doyle.

The city still has time to brace itself for Lohan's move to the East Coast, as it probably won't happen until after Fashion Week in September, but she's already leaving her mark on the club circuit. The 26-year-old headed to New York days after she was questioned by police about a jewelry heist at a Hollywood Hills home where she stayed earlier this month.

On Wednesday, Lohan was spotted partying at Dorrian's on the Upper East Side, alongside Amy Brody Poliakoff, a cast member on Bravo's new much-loathed reality series "Gallery Girls." The starlet was the life of the party -- allegedly downing vodka-sodas and grabbed the mike for karaoke, to sing a song by her new BFF, Lady Gaga.

The move to New York could be good for Lohan, as the city's far-reaching subway system and plentiful taxis could drastically cut down on her yearly number of car accidents. The "Mean Girls" actress is reportedly trying to leave her troubles behind her, including a $46,000 bill to the Chateau Marmont, which remains unpaid.

The hotel has banned the actress until the matter is settled, but sources claim Lohan has been telling friends that she thought producers on her Lifetime movie "Liz & Dick" would pay the bill. There appears to be a big miscommunication between Lohan and the producers, as sources tell TMZ the production is willing to pay the bill, but they never promised to foot the bill in the first place.

Sources say producers gave the actress a one-time $5,000 advance against her salary in late May so she could move into the hotel while she was filming, and then never insinuated they would foot the bill for her 47-day stay.

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