Lindsay Lohan: 'One Night With You' Role In Jeopardy Over Jewelry Theft Accusations: Report

Don't call it a comeback -- Lindsay Lohan may lose the part in her own comeback story.

Lohan, who as far back as 2009 was in talks to play a thinly veiled version of her troubled starlet self in producer Richard O'Sullivan's film 'One Night With You,' may be in danger of losing the part thanks to her latest troubles, Richard Johnson's Flash reports in The Daily (iPad-only).

The star, who just recently left a three month stint of rehab -- which had troubles and allegations of its own -- was accused on Tuesday night of stealing a necklace from a Los Angeles jewelry store. Though the necklace was later returned by a Lohan associate, she's under investigation by the LAPD, and if they find wrongdoing, she could be headed back to jail -- and out of the film.

More jail time would mean no screen time, making even more real the character she is tentatively due to play. "This is her Mickey Rourke comeback," Johnson quotes an insider as saying, referencing the thinly veiled allegorical film 'The Wrestler,' that launched once-troubled Rourke back to stardom. "She's not going to find a better script to put her back into lovable 'Mean Girls' territory.'"

Last fall, an internet rumor surfaced that had Taylor Swift replacing Lohan in the film, though Swift later shot that down.