Lindsay Lohan Lands Ad Campaign For Philipp Plein (PHOTOS)

The next stage of Lindsay Lohan's 12 Step Program to Make Sure You Don't Forget About Her has been announced: the actress will star in designer Philipp Plein's Spring 2012 ad campaign.

Haven't head of Plein? Neither had we.

But we took a look at his Fall 2011 adverts to get a sense of his aesthetic and let's just put it this way: Lindsay should feel entirely comfortable with the photos, given the cleavage-tastic looks she's been rocking lately... and they probably won't do much to improve her reputation as a skin-baring wild child.

It's just the latest headline about Lilo, who seems to have taken September's many Fashion Weeks as the opportunity to relaunch her celebrity. She made the rounds at New York Fashion Week, both at runway shows (where she nearly caused a riot) and at parties (where she wreaked havoc and got kicked out).

Having effectively conquered Manhattan, Fashionista writes that Lindsay is jetting to Italy for Milan Fashion Week where she will attend Plein's runway show this Saturday, where we assume she will cause another riot.

Check out Philipp Plein's Fall 2011 shots (which are NSFW, FYI) -- not too hard to picture Lindsay in this setting, is it?

Philip Plein Fall 2011 ads