Lindsay Lohan Plays A Graffiti Artist In Miggs New Video 'Let The Games Begin' (VIDEO)

Lindsay Lohan is finally working again and it's not a commercial for an online auction site either. It may not be a lead in a feature film, but at least she's acting.

Lohan plays a starlet who moonlights as a street artist known for "social commentary themed graffiti," in the band Miggs' new video for "Let The Games Begin."

While "social commentary" rarely is a word used when talking about Lohan, for the most part, the actress just did all things she's familiar with: a lot of posing for the cameras, hiding from the paparazzi, running from the cops, and more posing for more photos.

But despite rumors that even after another stint in rehab Lohan is partying again -- even spotted out with friend Paris Hilton until the early hours of the morning -- Lohan seems to be trying to build a better professional reputation.

The band only had good things to say about the actress who showed a lot of skin at Kim Kardashian's wedding this past weekend, lead singer Don Miggs told The New York Daily News:

"[Lohan] was focused and serious and wasn't there to earn a paycheck. She was there to do something. Everybody deserves the benefit of the doubt and everyone has a second act in them. Today is a new day. This is an etch and sketch. Let's get rid of preconceived notions and see what's up."