Lindsay Lohan Sideboob: Actress Nearly Spills Out Of Her Dress In Brazil (PHOTO)

LOOK: Lindsay Lohan Spills Out Of Her Dress

Patron saint Lindsay Lohan had an "oopsie" moment yesterday while exiting her chopper in Brazil.

The actress, down in Latin America to promote a brand of jeans for $100,000 a day, reportedly took some pants and some jewels from the set of "Anger Management" before she left the States -- but she should have taken a bra. LiLo spilled out of her gray dress and, luckily, had her long red hair to cover up an even bigger disaster.

Lohan and her sideboob partied pretty hard in the days before, and on Friday, photos of the troubled star hiding under a table at a nightclub circulated the Web.

On May 2, Lohan will have to start court-mandated rehab. It's been recently reported that the 26-year-old said the only way she'd enter lockdown treatment is if they let her keep taking Adderall. We suggest she put a clause in there about undergarments.


lindsay lohan sideboob

For more LiLo wardrobe malfunction photos, head over to New York Daily News.

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