Lindsay Lohan Storage Locker To Be Auctioned Off, Actress Owes $16,000 (VIDEO)

First the taxman, now the auction block.

Lindsay Lohan's storage locker is on the verge of behing auctioned off because the 26-year-old starlet has failed to pay a $16,000 bill to the storage unit company, according to TMZ. The account is delinquent and the locker will remain locked until the balance is paid in full.

Inside Lohan's storage locker are designer clothes, family heirlooms and potentially embarrassing items, TMZ reported. If Lohan doesn't pay what is owed, the unit will be auctioned off this month.

Despite the impending auction, Lohan has reportedly turned down some recent endorsement offers. “One deal is for $100,000 for a phone application which blocks unwanted calls,” her father, Michael, told RadarOnline. “The other is for $30,000 for a ‘Don't Drink and Drive message!’”

Lohan's agent nixed the deals so as to not cause "further embarrassment," a move Michael thinks is absurd. “At a time like this with Lindsay's IRS woes and $16,000 in unpaid storage, (valued at hundreds of thousands of dollars) running the risk of it all being auctioned off, it's absolutely crazy that her team would disregard these deals!!" he told Radar. "If Lindsay's things in storage were to get auctioned, wouldn't that be even more embarrassing?! Have the things said lately been embarrassing themselves?”

The "Canyons" star would not be the first celebrity to have her items auctioned off. In 2006, Paris Hilton reportedly failed to pay the bill on her Los Angeles storage unit and her belongings were allegedly auctioned off. They wound up in the hands of Parisexposed.com, where customers could view Hilton's personal items for a fee of $39.97.

These days, Lohan is facing more money woes than just an auction.

Lohan's bank accounts have been seized by the IRS because she owes $233,904 in unpaid federal taxes. On Sunday, TMZ reported that Lohan has been having trouble paying the $8,000-a-month rent on her Beverly Hills mansion.



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