Lindsay Lohan's Comeback Is Hilariously Busy In Super Bowl Ad For Planet Fitness

The "Mean Girls" actor and some surprising celebrities make all 30 seconds count.

Lindsay Lohan has fellow gym members wondering what’s happened to her in a Planet Fitness Super Bowl ad posted Friday. (Watch below.)

And the answer is ... a lot.

In the clip, Lohan, the “Mean Girls” star with a checkered past, is now slaying “Jeopardy!” and leaving the paparazzi in tears because she’s so fit. She’s also doing artisan work for actor Danny Trejo.

It’s that kind of chaotic ― and it includes William Shatner flexing some wisdom.

“Maybe it’s not what’s gotten into Lindsay, it’s what Lindsay’s gotten into,” he says.

Deep, man.

Variety reports that NBC has received up to $7 million for 30-second spots for the Feb. 13 big game between the Cincinnati Bengals and Los Angeles Rams.

At least Planet Fitness will give viewers a workout for its money.

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