Lindsay Lohan, Tiffany Mitchell: Actress To Hire Private Investigator, Psychic May Be Scamming Star (REPORT)

After being arrested in New York City on assault allegations, Lindsay Lohan is reportedly hiring a private eye to dig up information on Tiffany Ava Mitchell, the psychic who claims she was punched by the "Liz & Dick" star.

Lohan is reportedly hiring a private investigator to look into Mitchell's background to see if the psychic from Palm Beach, Fla., has a criminal record or if she has done anything like this in the past, TMZ reports. Lohan allegedly believes Mitchell is just using her to make a quick buck, and she hopes to have as much information on the woman before possibly going to civil court.

At least one person thinks Lohan might be on the right track.

Mitchell, a professional psychic who moved to New York City from Palm Beach, where she owned and operated Ava’s Psychic Visions, allegedly targeted wealthy socialites while working in Florida.

“I feel bad for Lindsay,” an unnamed philanthropist and ex-client of the psychic told Gossip Extra, a Palm Beach-centric gossip blog. “I went to see (Mitchell) for about three weeks in November 2011. She used fear tactics to make it seem that I could be in real trouble if I didn’t pay her $43,000. She senses when people are vulnerable and when she can make money. I complained about her (Mitchell) to Palm Beach Police but they didn’t do anything about it. I didn’t pay her, but I’m sure others in Palm Beach did. Tiffany is a professional liar!”

“I was pretty suspicious the whole time, and it really ticked me off she was in Palm Beach," the source told Gossip Extra. "There is [no] doubt in my mind she is a scam artist, and that she targeted Lindsay Lohan like she targeted me and my friend."

Mitchell, who is being represented by Gloria Allred, also lives just minutes from Lindsay's estranged father, Michael.

"I am increasingly disturbed to be told Ms. Allred's new client lives in Palm Beach just minutes from my ex-husband's home," Lindsay's mom, Dina, told RadarOnline.com. "What else is there to learn about the circumstances surrounding this unfortunate incident?"

TMZ reported that Lohan claims she never hit Mitchell at the club Avenue in the early hours of Nov. 29, but rather got into a verbal altercation with the psychic after discovering she and her friends attempted to snatch the actress' purse.

Mitchell is not Lohan's only problem these days. The IRS is after the star for at least $233,904 in unpaid federal taxes, and her friends want her to go to rehab.

In September, Lohan hit New York City chef Jose Rodriguez with her car when leaving a hotel. Although the man claimed he was "run over" by the 26-year-old actress, the surveillance video exonerated Lohan.

"[He] was at worst grazed by her slow-moving SUV — and had no trouble chasing the car down a parking-garage ramp, surveillance video released by the NYPD shows," the New York Post noted at the time.