Lindsay Lohan Wears A Burkini In Thailand

Not something we expected.

Lindsay Lohan has been vacationing in Phuket, Thailand, and wearing more clothing than one might expect.

The 30-year-old actress was spotted wearing a burkini before she went paddleboarding last week, according to The Daily Mail. The burkini was created in 2004 and allows Muslim women to uphold modesty traditions, though Australian designer Aheda Zanetti has said many non-Muslim women have bought the design as well.

It’s unclear exactly why the “Mean Girls” actress chose to wear the burkini, though based on the photos, it did seem like she might be posing for some sort of photo shoot.

Lohan has been exploring Islam and was seen in 2015 carrying a Quran. She’s also taken up wearing a headscarf. During a recent trip through London’s Heathrow airport, she claimed she was profiled while wearing one.

The burkini was by no means the only swimwear Lohan embraced on her vacation. The actress posted photos of herself soaking up the sun in some skimpier attire as well.

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