Lindsay Lohan's 'Inferno' Script: Her Lurid, Humiliating Lines

A script for 'Inferno,' the upcoming Linda Lovelace biopic in which Lindsay Lohan plays the 'Deep Throat' porn star, has leaked and it is more gruesome than one could imagine. Lindsay's character is violently abused by her mother and later is humiliated by her husband/manager, who makes her talk about how stupid and ugly she is while he brings her to orgasm then beats her and starts shopping her out for group sex. Soon she is encouraged to have sex with a dog. has a copy of the script, and here are a few of Lindsay's lines:

"To me, there is nothing more delicious than gism. I love it! I like to smear it all over my face like Ponds Cold Cream!"

"Is there anything in this life I like more than cock sucking? Okay. Well, one thing. On OCCASION. I love it when my man Chuck socks it to me in the ass."

"I once took on a pro football team--and I don't just mean two at a time! I mean more!"

"I was put on this earth for one thing and one thing only--sucking a footlong cock!

More of this here. You can see Lindsay in lingerie for the 'Inferno' posters here.

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