Lindsay Lohan's Last Day For Plea Bargain: Report

To plea or not to plea, that is Lindsay's question.

Lindsay Lohan, in court facing grand felony theft for allegedly stealing a necklace from a Los Angeles jewelry store, has been told time after time that, because a plea bargain is an admission of some guilt, she'd be sent to jail, perhaps for up to six months. That hasn't quite excited her, and so she's thus far refused to cop a plea bargain deal.

Now, Radar Online reports that today is her last day to do so. Otherwise, Lohan's case would be sent to a preliminary hearing before Judge Stephanie Sautner, who is a much tougher judge than the one she's before now. While cutting a plea deal may get her a light sentence, Judge Sautner may not be so generous -- and if the case goes from preliminary hearing to trial, she'd immediately be sentenced for probation violation.

Tough choice Lohan is facing: taking a sure, yet potentially light sentence, to rolling the dice and hoping she gets off in a preliminary hearing.

Her case has been complicated by the fact that the jewelry store that accuses her of stealing the necklace has sold the surveillance tape that shows her wearing it. For selling it, Lohan is suing the store for profiting off her image -- the store netted $40,000 in a deal with the Associated Press for the tape.

That's a future legal battle, though. Today may be her biggest.

There's also the issue of her fame-seeking dad, Michael Lohan, now filming for "Celebrity Rehab," and insisting on bringing the cameras into Lindsay's court life, something that Lindsay is of course displeased about.

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