Lindsay Sandiford Smuggled $2.6 Million In Cocaine To Indonesia, Faces Firing Squad, Cops Say

A British housewife faces the firing squad in Bali after she allegedly tried to smuggle $2.6 million worth of cocaine into Indonesia.

Cops said Lindsay Sandiford, 55, hid a whopping 10.4 pounds of the drug in a suitcase, and was caught at an airport on her way to sell it to three Britons and an Indian national, BBC reported.

Indonesian authorities are tougher on drug smugglers than most countries in the world. Many drug pushers have faced the death penalty for such crimes, and a lot of them are foreigners, according to BBC.

Customs agents spotted Sandiford's alleged haul on an X-ray machine at the Indonesian airport on May 19. They reportedly found the drugs in the lining of her suitcase.

Sandiford, of Gloucester, told customs agents she was a housewife, and that she'd just come from Bangkok, SMH reported.

She reportedly cooperated with police and helped net the three Britons and the Indian man she was scheduled to meet up with.

"It's an international network controlled from abroad," Mulyadi, the head of Bali's drug squad, told AAP.

Pictures and video from a recent press conference show Sandiford hiding her face as customs agents sift through large bricks of cocaine.