Lindsey And Dave Meske, Illinois Couple, Leave Baby's Name Up To Facebook Poll

A Crystal Lake, Illinois couple unable to come to a consensus on their unborn child's name has turned to social media for help and created a Facebook poll allowing strangers to weigh in on their dilemma.

According to FOX Chicago, Lindsey and Dave Meske are stuck between four names: McKenna, Madelyn, Emily and Addilyne. They're particularly torn between Madelyn and McKenna for the name of their child, who is due to arrive early next year.

The couple, both twenty-somethings, originally had problems choosing their child's name when they discovered they'd be having their second daughter, rather than their first son. Suddenly, their first choice -- Cooper -- became a less desirable option, as the Chicago Tribune reports.

"My parents think I'm kind of crazy," Dave told the Tribune of the Facebook poll. "It's all in good fun. It's not like I'm letting Facebook come up with names."

The Meskes, according to the Northwest Herald, suspect they are the first couple to ever leave their child's name up to a Facebook poll. And no matter what the result, they say they remain dedicated to sticking with what the voting public decrees.

As of Friday, over 500 people have weighed in at and -- lo and behold -- their top two options, McKenna and Madelyn, are tied at 161 votes (30 percent of the sample) apiece. Voting is expected to continue until the baby is born.

Photos by Liz ( and codemastersnake via Flickr.