Lindsey Graham: Donald Trump’s Policies Are 'Worse Than Obama’s'

He also calls the GOP frontrunner a "loser" and a "demagogue."

EXETER, N.H. -- As he continues to find new ways to rip into Donald Trump over the Republican front-runner’s proposal to ban Muslims from traveling to the United States, South Carolina Sen. Lindsey Graham may have finally unleashed the ultimate insult to denigrate his rival in the context of a GOP presidential primary.

Graham, who has struggled to gain traction in his own long-shot White House bid, said that what makes America great is its religious tolerance, and that Trump’s plan undercuts outreach efforts to Muslim nations and communities in the shared effort to destroy the Islamic State.

“What Donald Trump doesn’t understand is how you win the war,” Graham told The Huffington Post following a campaign event here. “His policies are actually worse than Obama’s.”

HuffPost also asked Graham what he would say to Trump, if he ever had the opportunity to sit down with him in a bar with the cameras off.

Watch the video above for Graham’s memorable answer.

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