Lindsey Graham's Boast About Trump's Job Numbers Backfires Big-Time

There was just one problem with the Republican senator's tweet about the president.

Sen. Lindsey Graham (R-S.C.) bragged Monday on social media about the number of jobs created by President Donald Trump over his 21 months in office only to be taken to school by thousands of Twitter users.

Graham said that if President Barack Obama’s jobs numbers had been “anywhere close” to Trump’s, “the media would stop the Earth from rotating to make sure everybody heard about it!”

There’s only one problem. In his final 21 months in office, Obama’s jobs numbers were better than Trump’s by nearly half a million. 

Obama added 4.47 million jobs in his final 21 months in office, according to Bureau of Labor Statistics numbers. Trump has added 4.05 million in his first 21 months as president — a discrepancy Twitter users were happy to point out to Graham.

Some of the people who responded commented matter-of-factly. Others were slightly disrespectful, calling the senator “dude.” A selection of those two categories are shown below. A third group tweeted using the kind of language that decorum prevents us from republishing.