Sen. Lindsey Graham Promotes Trump Property After Golfing With President

His "spectacular" comment didn't land him on Twitter's leaderboard.

Sen. Lindsey Graham (R-S.C.), who played a round of golf with President Donald Trump on Sunday, made sure to compliment the course before the day was finished.

“Trump International Golf Club is a spectacular golf course,” Graham tweeted on Sunday as he shared an Associated Press article detailing his round with the president.

Graham, who has golfed with Trump before and lauded the former businessman’s score, joined the president at his course in West Palm Beach, Florida. According to White House spokesperson Raj Shah, the pair discussed the upcoming vote on the tax bill.

Graham’s tweet came under sharp criticism from many on Twitter who called out the senator for presenting a conflict of interest and promoting the president’s private business.

Graham came under fire last week after he criticized the media for supposedly calling Trump a “kook” who is “unfit to serve as president. The senator himself made those comments last year.

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