Lindsey Graham Too 'Tired' Sunday To Spin For McCain

Lindsey Graham Too 'Tired' Sunday To Spin For McCain

[Via Crooks and Liars] How did things go for John McCain last week? Lindsey Graham, who usually flacks McCain with a psychopathic, operatic zeal, got to a point Sunday morning on Fox News where he just sort of ... gave up. When it came time to respond to public support of Senator Barack Obama after the debate at Ole Miss, Graham at first attempted to pull out some good news from the polling data. But he quickly folded under minimal pressure from Chris Wallace, confessing finally that he was "tired" and concluding, "Senator Obama did well. Senator Obama helped himself."


WALLACE: McCain's rating on being prepared to be president didn't change. Obama had a 16-point jump on that same question. Senator Graham, McCain keeps saying Obama is not ready to lead, but according to several polls, voters watching the debate thought he was.

GRAHAM: I think there's an 18-point difference between who is best able to do the job. We'll take that.

KERRY: Well, let me --

WALLACE: What you're saying is even though Obama got more of a bump --

GRAHAM: It's Sunday, I'm tired. Senator Obama did well. Senator Obama helped himself.

WALLACE: You can't be tired on Sunday morning, sir.

GRAHAM: Quite frankly, I thought he presented himself well, Senator Obama.

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