Lindsey Vonn May Be Dating Tiger Woods, But She's Just Not That Into Golf

Lindsey Vonn May Be Dating Tiger Woods, But She's Just Not That Into Golf

Lindsey Vonn may be dating Tiger Woods, but don't go calling her a golf fan.

The Olympic skier stopped by "Late Night With Seth Meyers" on Tuesday night and gave a very unconvincing reply when pressed about her appreciation for Woods' profession.

"Do you like watching golf?" Meyers asked Vonn, who's been dating the golfer for two years. "Is that something you did before [dating Tiger Woods?]”

“I love golf," Vonn said after an elongated pause.

Sensing the sarcasm, Meyers continued his interrogation: “It seems very different, as an adrenaline junkie, it seems very different.”

“I just…I love golf,” Vonn said, before doing the math on how long a day on the green with Woods can last. "That's like, five hours."

The 30-year-old Olympian has been a frequent presence at Woods' tournaments since they began dating in March 2013, a few months after her divorce from Thomas Vonn was finalized. Earlier this month, she brought Woods' two kiddos with his ex Elin Nordegren to visit as he prepared for the Masters in Augusta, Ga.

Woods, 39, is equally supportive. In January, he cheered Vonn on in Italy as she won her record 63rd World Cup race, even though he was visibly missing a front tooth. (The golfer's agent said he'd been smacked by a cameraman during the award ceremony.)

Way to be a good sport, Tiger.

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