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Terry Richardson Shoots Lindsey Wixson Eating... Again (PHOTOS)

It's no secret that Terry Richardson loves food. He also loves models (especially 17-year-old Lindsey Wixson), so it only makes sense that he would combine his two passions.

For Vogue Nippon's June 2011 issue, Richardson shot the Kansas native eating a big ol' plate of spaghetti. The spread was quickly followed up with shoot for i-D magazine, where Richardson photographed Wixson eating ice cream and another editorial of the fashion darling eating a plate of french fries and ketchup in Purple magazine's Fall 2011 issue.

Richardson has done it again; this time he shot Wixson eating a bowl full of cherries for Harper's Bazaar's October 2011 issue. What will Richardson and Wixson eat next?

Meanwhile, learn why Wixson was made fun of in school.