Utility Workers Pay Fitting Tribute To Late Colleague With Trucks And Flags

A shining example of camaraderie and teamwork.

After the death of a hardworking colleague, a group of Canadian utility workers rallied together to create a powerful tribute.

On the day of the funeral for Ed Spoelstra, who worked as a lineman technician for Peterborough Utilities in Ontario, fellow colleagues paid their respects by lining up with their trucks, and hanging Canadian flags for the funeral procession to pass under, HuffPost Canada reported. 

Chrissy Rusaw, a professional photographer, captured the dramatic procession on Aug. 25 and shared the images on her Facebook page, Olive Cedar Photography.

“I knew Ed had passed away and I knew it was his funeral that day,” Rusaw told BuzzFeed Canada. “Someone came up about an hour beforehand and said ‘We’re doing this tribute.’ So I grabbed my camera and away we went.”

Spoelstra, who was known as "Big Ed" and died on Aug. 20, according to the Peterborough Examiner, was known as "Big Ed" and was a longtime employee of the company. To create their tribute to Spoelstra, workers lined up bucket trucks along the street, raised the buckets and hung Canadian flags. They then stood in front of the trucks with their helmets off as the hearse passed by.

Rusaw told BuzzFeed Canada of the moving act, “I’ve never seen it done before.”


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