Lingerie Basketball League Makes Debut In Los Angeles (VIDEO)

Well, with the possibility arising that there may not be an NBA season this year, it appears that there is now a potential suitor to fill the basketball void: The Lingerie Basketball League.

Not too much explanation needed here, the league is exactly what you think it is -- Women playing basketball in their underwear. An offshoot of the ever popular Lingerie Football, the Lingerie Basketball League is L.A. based and has four teams right now: The Beauties, The Divas, The Glam, and The Starlets.

It's difficult to know how fans will find allegiances with a certain team when all the squads are based in the same city, so we're willing to bet they just root for a wardrobe malfunction.

As a video on the league's website informs us, "America loves basketball, America loves beautiful women. Now a match made in hoops heaven."

We'll bet the WNBA begs to differ.