Lions Attack Buffalo, Buffalo Rams Jeep In Chaotic Chase

Passengers in two vehicles captured the dramatic scene in South Africa.

A buffalo with a lion clamped to its backside rammed a safari jeep in South Africa, recent video posted by Kruger Sightings shows. (Watch it above.)

The impact shocked the tourists and the big cat, which released its toothy grip and allowed the buffalo to scurry off.

While Latest Sightings reported that the videographers “were extremely happy that the buffalo got away,” the footage ends with the pride in continued pursuit of its prey.

Buffalo are among lions’ most common quarry.

The video begins with the buffalo crossing the road as the chase intensifies in Pilanesberg National Park. A male lion eventually sinks its teeth into the target and the buffalo gamely tries to buck it off.

“The buffalo was very disoriented from being spun around and ended up crashing into the game viewing vehicle with a loud thud,” one of the camera operators, Jennifer Coleman, explained to Latest Sightings.

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