Meet Simba And Nala's Son In This Clip From The 'Lion King' Sequel

He's like Simba, but with a mohawk!

Feeling nostalgic for "The Lion King"? Disney Channel's new TV movie sequel will take you right back to the breezy Pride Lands.

In a new clip from "The Lion's Guard: Return of the Roar," we meet Kion, the son of Simba and Nala (voiced by Rob Lowe and Gabrielle Union, respectively). Kion is just as cute as a young Simba, but rocks a red mohawk and a paw tattoo on his shoulder, which appears when he roars. Watch Kion and his buddy, Bunga the honey badger, bop around the Pride Lands until they run into some young hyenas in the Outlands (uh oh).

"The Lion's Guard: Return of the Roar" premieres in November on Disney Channel.

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