Lioness Tries To 'Play' With Laughing Toddler At The El Paso Zoo

For this toddler, ignorance is bliss -- and we aren't lion.

This is "Zari," a 7-year-old lioness at the El Paso Zoo, who was caught on camera late last month trying to get a more hands-on look at a toddler who'd wandered up to the other side of the safety glass:

"My, Grandma, what big claws you have!"

Zoo spokesperson Karla Martinez assured Today the toddler is "safe behind a really thick window," and said the lioness was only exhibiting play behavior.

Probably not the type of "play" from which your child would emerge unscathed in the wild, but at least Zari wasn't actively trying to fit the the tyke in her mouth, as this lioness in Oregon attempted in 2012.

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