Lion's Mane Jellyfish Washes Ashore In Puget Sound, Boy Thinks It's An Alien

Boy Finds Giant Jellyfish, Thinks It's An Alien

It's official, jellyfish are both awesome and terrifying.

In June, jellyfish shut down a nuclear power plant in Scotland when they invaded a cooling water pool.

Now, they're claiming the beaches.

"Wake Up With Al" reports that on Friday, a gigantic jellyfish, probably a lion's mane, washed onto the shores of Puget Sound in the state of Washington, much to the shock of a little boy and his father.

Lion's mane jellyfish have impressive dimensions. The largest documented lion's mane jellyfish was seven feet, six inches in diameter, and had tentacles 120 feet long. According to The Week, it is the largest jellyfish in the world and has hundreds of poisonous tentacles that it uses to drag in and eat its prey.

"We were just stunned when we saw it at first," Sherman Pike said, according to CNN. His son, Oliver, apparently was convinced they had found an alien.

Well, it certainly looks like one to us.

Now that we've freaked you out about a jellyfish-ocolpyse, keep in mind that to cure a jellyfish sting, a new study suggests there's no need for urine, just a little vinegar will do the trick.

Although you may need a lot of vinegar for a jellyfish of this size.


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