Lip Balm Can Replace Lubricant, Shoeshine And Much More


The weather is getting colder and your lips are inevitably getting a bit dry. That means you're probably stocking up on your favorite lip balm to help get you through the season. But did you know that when you're in a bind, this little tube can be used in place of some common household items? Well, it's true -- scroll through our list to see what we mean.

Get your minds out of the gutter and on your furniture. If your drawers or windows stick a little, run some chapstick along the tracks for a smoother opening.

Residue Remover
There are a ton of tricks you can try to remove sticky goo from surfaces, but ditch everything else and try a little lip balm for stubborn gum and labels.

If you're about to go out to a fancy party and you realize your shoes could use a little help, reach for the lip salve. Just clean any dust off, then apply and buff with a cloth.

Scratch Remover
Some of us still have CDs, and when those relics get a little scratched, it can be very, very annoying. If you find yourself in this situation, apply some chapstick to the area and buff. This may only work for minor nicks.

Hair Gel
We're not saying this is really going to make you look, well, dapper. But if you find yourself with an Alfalfa situation, try a little balm on your hair.

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