Fun Ways To Make Your Lips Dazzle This Winter

When it comes to our personal makeup routines, it's easy to get stuck doing the same old thing. So we brought a real expert on the show to help us out. Fatima Thomas is a veteran MAC Cosmetics makeup artist with over 20 years experience. Check out her tips on hiding wrinkles, keeping your skin glowing, and getting that perfect smoky eye, all in the videos above!

Wintry Lip Color
When it comes to a lip color for these dark days of winter, Fatima says we have to first acknowledge a horrible truth. "We're losing our summer tans, and our skin is becoming more sallow," she says. This isn't all bad- it just means that's it's time to be bolder with your color. "Try any of the classic reds, like Ruby Woo or Lady Danger," she recommends. But don't stop there! "You can even try some of my 90's favorites, like Verve and Del Rio," if you're looking for something more versatile. Those two varieties will "stay great through fall, winter, and into the spring," suggests Fatima.

Watch the rest of the interview and demo with Fatima here!

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