How To Determine The Best Lipstick Color For Your Exact Skin Tone

Determining your skin's undertone is actually quite scientific.
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We all have that friend who can rock a dramatic lip. Why is it that certain colors look gorgeous on her, but heinous on us?

You probably already know that your skin color has something to do with it. But did you know your skin’s undertones could be making or breaking that stunning lip look?

According to experts at Alima Pure, there are three possible undertones: cool, warm and neutral. A person with cool undertones sees pinkish-blue in their skin, while a person with warm undertones sees yellow and gold. Neutral undertones have a bit of both.

There are a couple different methods to help you determine your undertone. In the video below, celebrity makeup artist Melissa Lenberg recommends examining the color of your veins. If you notice green in your veins, you have warm undertones to your skin. If you see blue in your veins, you have a cool undertone. And finally, if you see both blue and green, you can classify your undertone as neutral.

Our friends at Alima Pure recommend taking off your makeup and looking at the side of your cheek close to your ear. If you see pinkish-blue, you have cooler undertones. If you see yellow-gold, you have warmer undertones.

Finally, Lenberg and Alima Pure agree on the metal test. Hold up silver and gold jewelry to your skin.

“If you gravitate towards wearing gold jewelry you are likely warm,” the Alima Pure team told The Huffington Post. “Cool undertones usually opt for silver jewelry. Neutral skin tones look great with either.”

So now that you know your undertone, what lipstick color should you pick?

For cool, neutral and olive tones, Alima Pure recommends rosy pinks, berry hues and blue-toned reds. For beige, warm and olive tones, they suggest peachy pinks, corals and warm reds.

Go forth and prosper, young lipstick novices! May the lipsticks be ever in your shade.

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