Little Boy Blames Lipstick Scribble On Batman, And It's Hard Not To Believe Him

Two-year-old Noel just tells the tale so damn cutely.

Bad Batman!

The Caped Crusader has apparently been committing crime instead of fighting it, by scribbling on a mirror in lipstick.

Well, that's according to this quick-thinking little 2-year-old named Noel -- who tells the tale so damn cutely that it's almost impossible not to believe him.

Adorable video shows his mom, Laura Hopkins, from Inverness, Scotland, asking him, "Who drew on mommy's mirror? Was it you?"

Noel immediately claims he isn't the culprit. "Batman. Batman, Batman did it," he says.

As there's no evidence to suggest otherwise, we'll just have to take his word that the Gotham City superhero was behind the dastardly incident.

Hopkins posted the ridiculously cute clip to the "Unmumsy Mum” Facebook group on Friday, with the tongue-in-cheek caption, "If anyone sees Batman can you tell him I'm wanting a word."

The footage is now going viral, and by Sunday morning had gotten more than 400,000 views.