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'Lipstick For Newbies' Tutorial Can Turn Just About Anyone Into A Lip-Painting Pro

Thanks to a new video by Bustle, even the least lipstick-savvy people can achieve the perfect pout.

Lipstick is a great way to dress up a look. But between worrying it's on your teeth and having to reapply countless times a day, wearing it can be a pretty daunting task.

In six (moderately) easy steps, Bustle's Fashion and Beauty editor Kara McGrath takes her colleague Rosanne Salvatore through the entire process to achieving perfectly painted red lips, from exfoliating to lining. While Salvatore seems a bit hesitant at first -- "You really do this every day?" -- she does end up mastering the technique.

It may be time to invest in some lip primer. Check out the video above.

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