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Liquid Eyeliner Tips: How To Avoid 4 Common Mistakes (VIDEO)

Liquid eyeliner is a perennially gorgeous makeup look, but, man, is it hard to get right sometimes. Though practice makes perfect (yeah, we know), there are a few pitfalls to look out for, as well as quick fixes that will prevent your liner from looking, well, wonky.

One of the first major dilemmas is stability, as we see in this "troubleshooting" video by Birchbox. Start by resting your elbow on a table, which helps to steady hands. Next up is uneven lines: To prevent this predicament from happening in the first place, don't try to tackle your liner in one fell swoop. Instead, draw small dots along the lash line, then go back and connect them with small strokes. If it still looks a little uneven, lay the liner flat against the lid and pull to the outer corner.

A cat-eye effect is the ultimate touch, but can often result in misshapen or uneven wings on each side. To avoid that, draw a line a few centimeters from your outer corner that arcs up at the same angle as your lower lash line, then connect the upper lash line by creating a triangular shape. And if you mess up along the way, fear not, there's always Q-tips and makeup remover.

Need more inspiration? Check out our gallery of eyeliner icons.

Elizabeth Taylor, 1950

Eyeliner Icons

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