10 Secrets to Perfect Liquor Infusions

10 Tips For Perfect Liquor Infusions
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Recipes that call for ingredients like "bacon-infused bourbon" and "housemade tangerine and serrano vodka" needn't send novice home bartenders running. Liquor infusions are not just a trick reserved for experienced and creative-minded mixologists. Just ask Mark Comer, bartender at New York's New Leaf Restaurant & Bar.

His biggest piece of advice for first-timers? "Don't be intimidated." The process is meant to be fun, and experimentation is key. He shared that in the two years he had been infusing alcohol he'd only botched one batch out of dozens. "Most likely, the worst case scenario is not quite getting the flavor you had hoped for. So either infuse it again, or make a drink with ingredients that will make your so-so infusion part of an outstanding cocktail."

OK, so the pressure's off -- he admits that things rarely turn out exactly the way you would expect -- but how about a few helpful industry insider tips? We got Mark to share his top 10, from the more obvious ("start by listing your favorite flavors") to the wisdom that only comes with experience ("go easy on the cloves when you use them").

-- Maryse Chevriere, The Daily Meal

List Your Favorite Flavors First

10 Secrets to Perfect Liquor Infusions

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