Liquor Store Celebrates Fred Phelps' Death With Champagne

Liquor Store Celebrates Westboro Founder's Death With Champagne

After the death of Westboro Baptist Church founder Fred Phelps, a liquor store in Oklahoma decided to celebrate with some bubbly.

Phelps, the founder of the Kansas-based hate group infamous for the picketing of funerals and anti-gay views, died on March 20 at the age of 84. While some mourned his death, Moore Liquor in Moore, Okla., chose to celebrate with a sale on champagne. A sign outside the establishment read, "Fred Phelps 1929-2014, Champagne 10% off! Not a coincidence."

The store's owner, Bryan Kerr, told Oklahoma City's KOCO the response to the sign has been pretty positive.

“Champagne is a celebratory drink and so that’s why we gave 10 percent off,” he said. “If they choose to celebrate the passing of a little hate from this world, they can do so and we’re happy to oblige here at Moore Liquor."

Kerr described the response as "overwhelming" in an email to The Huffington Post Wednesday. He said the only negative comment he has received was from someone who doesn't think Phelps needs any more publicity.

"I was a little reticent about putting up the sign in the first place because I have two good parents who raised me not to speak ill of the dead, but I couldn’t help feeling that the world was a better place without Fred Phelps," he wrote. "He did so much to spread his special brand of hatred while bastardizing Christian principles that I thought it might be appropriate to recognize his lack of corporeal existence with some celebration. As a Christian myself, I truly hope that Fred found some peace with God and maybe even had a change of heart before passing."

"Either way, things are better and sparkling wine is 10 percent cheaper at Moore Liquor," he concluded.

Moore's Liquor is apparently known for its provocative front yard signage, photos of which are shared on the store's Facebook page, which has more than 10,000 followers. One recent sign read: "All this talk about Russia is Putin a damper on our vodka sales!"

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