Lisa Bonet Looked Deeply Offended When Ashley Graham Asked Jason Momoa To Do A Haka

People on Twitter dragged the model for the insensitive request on the Oscars red carpet.

Lisa Bonet had quite a physical response to Ashley Graham’s flippant request that her husband, actor Jason Momoa, do a dance on demand during the Oscars on Sunday.

In a now viral clip being shared on Twitter, the model, who was interviewing celebrities for ABC’s red carpet coverage, asks the “Aquaman” star, who is of Native Hawaiian descent, to do a “haka move” and acts like it’s a fun new dance move.

And although Momoa is known for performing a haka — a traditional war dance created by the Māori, the indigenous people of New Zealand — on occasion, Graham’s bid did not seem to sit well with the couple, who responded to the question with blank stares.

Bonet, for her part, immediately attempted to stop the interview, but Momoa then reluctantly complied.

People on Twitter had a lot to say about the cringe-worthy exchange.

Graham did ask celebrities throughout the night to dance with her on the red carpet.

But none of her requests was as specific as the one she asked of Momoa, who, like his wife, is mixed race.

Bonet has spoken publicly about issues she faced due to her race with PorterEdit in 2018, saying, “The world wasn’t ready for what I represented, the merging of these two races. I didn’t always feel welcome — in my mom’s family, in my school.”

She added: “So I sheltered myself by always withholding a bit, because I didn’t always feel safe. [If I could go back, I’d] try not to internalize the disdain and hate that was projected onto me.”

HuffPost reached out to Graham, Bonet and Momoa for comment but did not receive an immediate response.

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