Lisa Eats Her Cat's Hair, Has Consumed More Than 3,200 Hairballs: TLC's 'My Strange Addiction' (VIDEO)

Sometimes the cat really does have her tongue.

Lisa habitually eats her kitty's hair -- off the floor, off the couch -- but her favorite way is licking it right off the cat.

The 43-year-old Detroit, Mich., woman cannot go more than two hours without consuming her feline's fur and has digested more than 3,200 hairballs since her addiction began, according to a segment of TLC's "My Strange Addiction."

Dr. Andre Fedida, a gastroenterologist in Newark, N.J. (who does not treat Lisa), told The Huffington Post she "probably" has a trichobezoar, a mass of hair in her digestive tract. According to the Mayo Clinic, trichobezoars "may occur in people with psychiatric illness or developmental disabilities."

"It's not a very common syndrome but it is a syndrome associated with psychiatric disorders," Dr. Fedida said. "I've had probably a half-dozen patients like that, mostly females. They almost always have some underlying psychiatric disorder."

Those who want to find out more about Lisa than the TLC preview (above) offers are encouraged to tune in Feb. 13, when her episode airs. Then watch the fur fly -- right into her mouth.