Lisa Frank Clothing Will Help You Remember The '90s In Style (PHOTOS, POLL)

Do you miss your pink and purple unicorn decorated Lisa Frank folders from your '90s childhood? We do, too.

But today is a great day for nostalgia fans: Racked alerted us to the glorious, glorious news that Trapper Keeper purveyors Lisa Frank are now selling apparel on their very sparkly website.

Nestled in between turtle jewelry crafts and glittery pedicure kits, you can find the Lisa Frank apparel section of her official website. The long-sleeve dolphin tee is going for $29.99! And a totally awesome denim skirt with what looks like airbrushed rainbow stripes? Also $30.

And lest you think this new clothing juvenile, well: It comes in adult sizes. SO THERE.

Check out to scope out more wonderfully neon gear for, uh, "your niece," and tell us if you'd actually wear this stuff in our poll.