Lisa Frank's Clothing Line Is Real, And It's Magical

Kittens and puppies and unicorns, oh my.

We already wear our love of Lisa Frank on our sleeves, so why not wear it on our actual sleeves?

The purveyor of folders, coloring books and dreams come true was a hit in the ‘80s and ‘90s, but now recently launched its latest venture: a colorful clothing line complete with all your favorite Lisa Frank characters and of course, plenty of neon.

Reasonably priced from $24.99 for T-shirts to $59.99 for the coolest dress of all time, the line has something for everyone (who is willing to step out in public wearing Lisa Frank clothing).

You were looking for a dress to wear to that bachelorette party, right?

<a href="" target="_blank">Hunter Simple Dress, $54.84</a>
Hunter Simple Dress, $54.84

Or perhaps a unicorn-emblazoned crop top to take your workout to the next, magical level?

<a href="" target="_blank">Majesty Crop Top, $34.99</a>
Majesty Crop Top, $34.99

Cold? This sweatshirt will warm you up and make you look cool:

<a href="" target="_blank">Dolphins Sweatshirt, $59.99</a>
Dolphins Sweatshirt, $59.99

Whatever Frank fits your fancy, you’re sure to be the coolest kitten on the playground at the party in these duds. Head to Rage On to let your imagination (and your wallet) run wild.

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