Holy S**t, Lisa Frank Is Hiring

Your résumé better be covered in rainbows and hearts.

Girls of the world, if your 9-year-old selves could have been granted one single wish, what would it have been? Besides making out with Josh Hartnett. Or bestowing your Tamagotchi with eternal life. Yes, I'm talking about working for her majesty of cool binder folders, goddess of anthropomorphized animals sharing ice cream sundaes, reigning queen of lunchboxes with attitude. The one and only Lisa Frank.

Girls (now probably women or somewhere in between), we bear potentially life-changing news: Lisa Frank is hiring. 

Well, at least according to this Craigslist posting

That's right. You, sitting at your sad brown desk in your sad white office, could soon be in the magical land of Tucson, Arizona, surrounded by a potentially underwater office definitely covered in rainbow magic and sparkles. Your coworkers would likely include aliens and flirtatious golden retrievers, and you can all goof off and watch YouTube videos together until the boss unicorn comes in and everyone is like, "Get back to work!" But this so-called "work" would just be drawing magical universes of your own creation. 

The Huffington Post has reached out to Lisa Frank, Inc., to verify the job posting, but (probably due to the wildly secretive nature of Ms. Frank) we have yet to hear back. So apply at your own risk. Or, while you wait for more news, change your email signature to Queen Professional Lisa Frank Artist for the day just to feel it out.

Jezebel did report on a potential Lisa Frank job posting last year, which noted that applicants must be willing to relocate to Tucson -- the headquarters of the company. And if you're tempted to visit to the Lisa Frank website after reading this, you'll come across a message prompting visitors to check back soon to see the "new Fantastic World of Lisa Frank® website!" 

Whatever's happening over at LF headquarters, if you're an obsessed artist who is open to living in Arizona and has experience in packaging and process design, will you please switch bodies with me by spell or incantation so I can make my lifelong dream come true? Thanks. 

UPDATE: The post has since been removed from Craigslist. We are awaiting comment from Lisa Frank, Inc.


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