Yes, Lisa Frank Hair Is A Trend That Is Actually Happening

Bright, bold and beautiful.

If Calvin Klein crop tops and mom jeans can make a ‘90s comeback, then so can Lisa Frank.

We already told you how to Frank-ify your face, but now we’re here to tell you that Frank-ifying your hair is a trend that is HAPPENING.

Because rainbows make everyone smile. #lyssdidmyhair #rainbowhair #hairvideo #allthecolors #lisafrankhair

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It’s basically just rainbow-striped hair, and it’s all over Instagram (#LisaFrankHair).

Colour makes me HAPPY! 😄🌈🌈🌈 Extensions: @lizzislox // Starry Night Dress: @blackmilkclothing

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Hair stylist Caitlin Ford talked to Allure about the trend because her take on Lisa Frank hair is downright inspired.

The color palette in Ford’s rendition of the trend is a bit more muted than the bright one from our desk supplies of yore. “I love working with softer color palettes because it means I can use the gentlest measures to remove these colors should my clients change their minds later,” Ford told Allure.

If you want to snag these waves of multicolored beauty for yourself, be aware that hair dye will take to everyone’s hair differently so your hair may look slightly different than whatever photo you bring to your salon.

As long as you’re open to any sort of rainbow delightfulness, a Lisa Frank look could be in your future.

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