Lisa Holden Hid In Woods With Children For Two Days To Escape Abusive Husband

A mother and victim of severe domestic abuse went to extremes to flee her husband and free her children from his home.

At the end of March, a passerby found Lisa Holden, 27-year-old Texas mother of three, by the side of the County Road 4512 in east Texas with her two young daughters. Holden reportedly drifted in and out of consciousness for two days while the three hid, trying to flag down cars for help, according to CBS News.

Holden's husband, Josh, is accused of beating her with electrical wiring and a baseball bat before taking their 7-year-old to school, the Tyler Paper reported. The woman told investigators that he returned and beat her with jumper cables when his truck wouldn't start and said he would kill her when he returned.

"Her head had been shaved and it looked like she had been scalped," Van Zandt County Sheriff's Office investigator Kristie Holt said. "She had wounds all over her body, from bruises to open wounds pretty much on her arms and legs."

Holden was listed in critical condition for 10 days, suffered two broken legs, and head injuries. According to the Tyler newspaper, Holt also noted that metal pellets were lodged in Holden's legs from a previous incident when her husband shot her with a pellet gun, leaving the shrapnel and open sores behind.

Josh Holden abused his wife for seven years and kept her locked in the house, Holt said. "When we went to execute the warrant, we noticed video cameras in the residence and we're suspecting that's how he monitored the movement," Holt told the Tyler Paper. "He had an application on his iPhone that he could see inside the house."

Holden was arrested for aggravated assault with a deadly weapon and bodily injury, local broadcaster KLTV reported. He was released after bail was reduced from $750,000 to $100,000.

The Holdens' three children are currently staying with a foster family while their mother recovers.

"All in all she's a courageous woman who got out when she could," Holt told the station.

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