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Lisa Katnic, Miley Cyrus' Stylist, Says 'Stoner' Style Is The New 'Ratchet' Style

Miley Cyrus isn't a trendsetter per se, but the young lady can sure put a look on the map.

The singer's unique flair for the dramatic is, at least, in part thanks to her stylist (and style doppelgänger), Lisa Katnic. New York Magazine sat down with the LA-based professional, and the conversation inevitably turned to Miley's controversial affinity for "ratchet" style (here's a thorough definition, in case you're in need). While the star's appropriation of the term has certainly been contentious, Katnic says that it's "just a trendy word right now" and that she sees another trend looming.

"I think that 'stoner' is going to be the new look," she says. "I put athletic socks under rope sandals, and now I’m obsessed with that."

The "earthy" look she describes includes hemp necklaces, saggy shorts, dreadlocks... and maybe even Birkenstocks? We wouldn't be surprised. The sandal, typically associated with hippies and Woodstock, cropped up all over New York Fashion Week runways for Spring 2014. Edun, Trina Turk, Katherine Polk of Houghton and Micah Cohen of Shades of Grey all sent models down the catwalk in the comfortable shoe. But could Miley push the "stoner" footwear over the edge?

Perhaps. While there weren't hoards of fans rushing to emulate her 2013 VMAs look, the "We Can't Stop" singer certainly brought her aesthetic into the Average Joe's vernacular. That push, along with the fashion industry's endorsement -- hey, Vogue editors are behind Birkenstocks -- might just mean that Miley could step into a new style that will resonate more peacefully with her fans.

See how Birkenstocks are taking over the style world:

ashley olsen
Ashley Olsen

Edun's Spring 2014 runway

heidi klum
Heidi Klum

Trina Turk's Spring 2014 presentation

Julianne Moore

Think "stoner" is next up for Miley?

Miley Cyrus' Style Evolution

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