The One Where Courteney Cox Grills Lisa Kudrow On 'Friends' Trivia

We'll take "Smelly Cat" for 500.

Lisa Kudrow has officially lived up to the promise of the “Friends” theme song to be there for her BFFs by appearing once again on Courteney Cox’s game show, “Celebrity Name Game” (yes, it’s a thing).

This time, Cox cranked the nostalgia meter up a couple notches by putting her former co-star in the hot seat for a lightning round of “Friends” trivia.  

Kudrow, who’s admitted to a spotty “Friends” memory, fared pretty well, readily answering questions about “Smelly Cat,” Jennifer Aniston and Chandler Bing. But the running clock wound down to zero before she could correctly identify Cox’s impression of former co-star David Schwimmer.

Could it have BEEN any more obvious? 

For the record, any casual “Friends” viewer can answer softballs questions about Joey’s catchphrase or who worked at Central Perk, but only a die-hard fan could uncover the true identity of the Ugly Naked Guy



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