Lisa Kudrow Could Be Your Right-Wing Nightmare In 'Death To 2020' Trailer

The "Friends" alum plays a "nonofficial spokesperson" and author of "Conservative Voices Are Being Silenced" in the Netflix mockumentary.

A trailer for the Netflix mockumentary “Death To 2020” dropped Monday, and “Friends” alum Lisa Kudrow appears to play one of the more despicable characters. (Watch the clip above.)

Her role is designated as “Jeanetta Grace Susan ― nonofficial spokesperson.” She appears in quick shots prepping for a TV spot at what looks like the White House. At one point the teaser focuses on her book, “Conservative Voices Are Being Silenced.”

“I’m ready,” she says.

The sendup gathers some big names, like Samuel L. Jackson, Hugh Grant and Kumail Nanjiani playing fictional characters to bid good riddance to a horrible year.

Leslie Jones summed it up best in the preview:

“I’d say it was a train wreck and a shitshow, but that would be unfair to trains and shit.”

The comedy premieres Dec. 27.