Lisa Kudrow Has A Compelling Reason For Not Watching 'Friends' Reruns

The actress who played Phoebe discussed the sitcom's 25th anniversary at a movie premiere.

Lisa Kudrow played a central role in NBC’s run of “Must-See TV” as Phoebe on “Friends.”

But reruns of the classic sitcom are not a must-see for Kudrow.

“I don’t watch it if it’s on,” the actress told “Entertainment Tonight” on Monday. “I might not like myself [on the show], so I’d rather not risk that.”

Kudrow, 55, was appearing at a premiere of her new movie “Booksmart.” But because “Friends” is celebrating the 25th anniversary of its premiere this year, she couldn’t avoid questions about the ensemble hit that has helped define her career.

Asked by “ET’s” Cassie DeLaura what she remembered most about the show, Kudrow replied, “The pilot ... just how thrilling that was.”

“We were like little puppy dogs just climbing all over each other and playing and playing games and wanting to be together all the time,” she added. “It was fun.”

“Friends” premiered on Sept. 22, 1994, and ended its original run in 2004. 

As for a “Friends” 2.0, that ain’t happening, one of the show’s co-creators said recently.

So reruns it is.