Lisa Kudrow Laughs Up Nightmare Scenario For HBO Max 'Friends' Reunion

The actor was egged on by Conan O'Brien to imagine a special that would "piss people off."

The coronavirus pandemic may force the “Friends” reunion into a glitch-filled production on Zoom ― at least in the devious mind of Conan O’Brien.

Lisa Kudrow said on Wednesday’s “Conan” that the cast’s already-delayed homecoming on HBO Max might happen in August if “guidelines” can be set.

“You know what would really piss people off?” O’Brien replied. “If you guys did it but it was on Zoom. ... You’re not in the same room, and you can’t really hear each other well, and you say, well, there it is! Goodbye America.”

Kudrow rolled with it. “That would be so good,” she said, noting that Zoom, the conferencing app that has become a staple of lockdown life, can also freeze up at times. She joked about a cliffhanger conversation between the actors that could get cut off.

“I’ll never forget the time you were insane and you...” Kudrow said as she froze her expression.

O’Brien also had one. “Remember, Jennifer [Aniston], that time that you did that thing we never forgave you for which was...” and you all freeze and you come back and you’re all laughing.”

“Just do that, please,” O’Brien added. “I’m good at thinking of ideas that ruin things.”

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