Lisa Kudrow Compares 'The Comeback' To 'Friends': 'They're Two Different Things'

Most know her as Phoebe Buffay from "Friends," but for the strong cult following of "The Comeback," Lisa Kudrow's role as the fame-obsessed Valerie Cherish is her best character yet. Thus, after nearly a decade passed since the first season of "The Comeback," it seemed like a miracle to the show's obsessed fans when it was announced the show would would finally be returning to HBO.

Kudrow sat down Friday night with HuffPost Live president Roy Sekoff to discuss the new season of "The Comeback" and analyze the show's main character Valerie and her quest to revive her struggling Hollywood career. Sekoff asked Kudrow how playing Valerie compares to her role as Phoebe on the smash NBC sitcom "Friends."

"They're two different things," Kudrow said. "How could I possibly complain about either one of them?"

And while Kudrow wouldn't say which series she liked working on better, she did explain why "The Comeback" has a sentimental value for her.

"The only soft spot for me with 'The Comeback' is that I created that one with Michael Patrick King."

"The Comeback" airs Sundays on HBO until its season finale on Dec. 28.

See what Lisa Kudrow had to say about her other comedy series "Web Therapy" here:

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