Lisa Kudrow Talks About Reuniting With David Schwimmer On 'Web Therapy' (VIDEO)

Lisa Kudrow Talks About Reuniting With David Schwimmer On 'Web Therapy'

Lisa Kudrow's web series turned Showtime sitcom "Web Therapy" will return this summer, and Thursday on "The Talk," (weekdays on CBS) she told the ladies, including her former "Friends" cast-mate Aisha Tyler, that another "Friends" alum will be joining her for the new season.

David Schwimmer will play Newell Miller, a character who at first appears to be a stalker, but is later revealed to be the son of a college professor her character Fiona had an affair with in college. Schwimmer's character saw the couple while in the throes of passion and has been dealing with the trauma ever since. This marks the second "Friends" mini-reunion on "Web Therapy" after Courteney Cox dropped by for an episode last season.

Given the success of "Web Therapy" and several other online shows, Sara Gilbert asked Kudrow if she thinks web series will ever replace network sitcoms. Kudrow described how the format offers advantages for writers, directors and networks. Writers and directors, she explained, want to show networks exactly what their vision is before handing their projects over. She added, "It's good for the networks, too ... because they don't have to commit before they know what it is, too."

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