Lisa Ling Visits A Deliverance Ministry Where A Pastor Is Said To Perform Miracles (VIDEO)

In the Upper Room Church in Georgia, there is a lot of clapping, cheering and shouts of "amen." Scripture is king there, not unlike many places of worship, but this congregation doesn't just come to hear Pastor Franklin Battle read Biblical verses.

As Lisa Ling explored on the season premiere of "Our America," those who attend Upper Room Church rely on Pastor Battle for deliverance, healing and miracles -- including medical miracles.

"I have a doctor friend that refers some of his patients to me for miracles," Pastor Battle says in the above video. "We do what they cannot do."

Sometimes the healing called for is physical, but not always. One woman in the video shares her story of being so behind on paying her bills that she's received cut-off notices. With no idea of how to find relief, she turns to the church. In many cases like this, Pastor Battle's healing ministry seems to have a profound effect -- which deliverance expert Dr. Michael Cuneo says may have as much to do with belief as anything else.

"If you believe that you have problems, the most important thing is not the type of therapy you choose," Dr. Cuneo tells Ling. "What is most important are the following: a supportive, healing environment; a full confidence in the person that is presiding over your healing; [and] an expectation on your part that you truly will be healed... These are the most important components in any kind of therapy."

To believers suffering misfortune, feeling assured that they'll receive spiritual gifts is empowering, and the promise of miracles relieves their earthly suffering.

"It's a transformative experience," Dr. Cuneo says. "It is ecstatic in the sense that you are lifted out of the normal course of life... you are exalted. 'I might barely have enough money to get on the subway, but I have riches that are unimaginable by virtue of attending this storefront gospel tabernacle.'"

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