Lisa Ling 'Our America': Journalist Talks Pregnancy, Gets Candid For HuffPost's #nofilter

These days, our knowledge of celebrities too often originates with paparazzi images and snarky quotes by anonymous "insiders." After a while, it's easy to forget that stars are real people. That's why HuffPost Celebrity decided to launch its all-new #nofilter quick-fire question and answer series. Because how well do you know someone until they've shared their guiltiest pleasures?

Journalist Lisa Ling has captivated television audiences worldwide, reporting on topics ranging from celebrities to drug trafficking to the war in Afghanistan. As a former co-host on "The View" and a current host of a documentary series on OWN, Ling travels around the world, bringing attention to stories that often go unreported. Never backing down from controversial and thought-provoking issues, HuffPost Celebrity figured it was time to turn the tables and ask a few of our own questions. Now seven months pregnant, Ling responded with the same level of bravery.

Can women really have it all – a career, a baby, a happy marriage?
It's funny you ask that. Every single day I have been asked whether or not I'm slowing down. The answer is "Yes, absolutely!" I know I'll have to reduce travel enormously. But not a single person has asked my husband! Even though I'm seven months along, because I've miscarried, I'm still nervous every day. I'm constantly feeling my stomach to make sure she's moving. She's really active, so it's like, "Is she moving, is she moving today?" You live in these months of fear. There is just so much more pressure on women. I've gained more of an appreciation for all of the challenges women have to deal with: pregnancy, fertility, juggling what's professional and personal.

What may people be surprised to find out about you?
I honestly never had the biological need to reproduce until I met my husband. But by the same token, even if we were unsuccessful, we were totally ok with adopting. We feel lucky we’ve been able to conceive, and hopefuly we will be able to have this baby. We also firmly believe there are so many kids in this world who need homes. We have always talked about adopting.

Now that you're pregnant, what's one item that's always in your refrigerator?
I'm eating a lot more now that I'm pregnant and my husband is loving it because he has such a voracious appetite. I swear this is his favorite time of being married to me. But what's one thing I can't live without right now? I have to have my plain yogurt with my Nectresse every single morning.

What is your guilty pleasure?
I am a crazy online shopper. My husband always jokes, "Another box arrived!" Airplanes used to be my sanctuary for reading books, but now I have to peruse Gilt sales.

Do you ever cheat at board games?
Uhhh -- I don’t now, but I have in the past! I won't lie, I'm a Scrabble junkie. I have 10 games going on Facebook right now. I need to just stop, it takes up so much time!

If your friend was getting married and you thought it was a mistake would you say so?

What’s your secret/hidden talent?
Ping-Pong! I'm a big Ping-Pong addict. I love it. My husband gave me a Ping-Pong table for our anniversary. Jeff Probst actually beat me on his TV show, and I still haven't lived it down.

What TV shows are always on your DVR?
"Homeland," "Game of Thrones," "Girls," "60 Minutes," and "The Voice."

If you were on a reality TV show, what would it be called?
"The Boring People Club" -- no wait, "The Travelers.”

When do you lose your temper?
When I'm watching a particular news network –- it's actually on in the background right now, because hey, I am in Texas.

If you found Donald Trump's wallet on the street, would you send it back to him?
Wow. I guess I would send it back to him. But when people ask what hotels I want to stay in when I'm traveling, my answer is always, "Anything that doesn’t say Trump on it."